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These scripts are free for the taking, but copyrighted under the GNU GPL. If you use them please give me credit and write me,, to say hi! You could also drop in channel #CGI or #PERL on IRC and say hi to dwnwrd.

I've created TidBits Area. My intent is to put notes and works in progress here. Useful? I dunno, you tell me.

Free Perls v1.0 Run from crontab to backup your MySQL databases and update logs. A grep written in perl. v1.0 Just a little diddy to print a report of how many emails you've recieved from each address in your procmail.log. v1.0 CGI Simple little script to set and print a cookie. You might look at the docs for a long explaination of cookies. Output v1.41 CGI Script to submit Internic domain updates. Command line and CGI versions in the same script. See the companion config file. v1.0 CGI Simple little script that let's you download my perl tidbits dir. You may want to look at it to see how you can suggest a filename for the browser to save as. Output
gif2html v1.25 Create an HTML file for each graphic in a directory. Now with template and caption support. also inserts width and height tags for .gif's automatically. Output v1.20 This script will create an HTML index of all the graphics specified on the command line. And create parallel indexes with thumbnails if you have them. Here is a wrapper script. Output
pfind v1.11b2 Lists all the homepages on a system in a HTML table or VRML format. The VRML part is kinda messed up, I'm working on a new version. OutputH
postcard.cgi v1.0b6 CGI Send a picture postcard to your friends. Auto expires old cards. Flat file back end. Still to come is a pay version with a database back end and more features like image uploading. Output
nph-replace v1.0 CGI is a simple demo of creating a multipart document. If you have always wondered how to have a CGI output some virtual HTML then think for a while and output more virtual HTML now you know. Output
ranban v1.0 CGI Produces random images, links, or banner ads. Output
slideshow v1.0 Creates a client pull slideshow from existing html documents. Now optionally outputs to framesets! Output
thumbnail v0.9 Create thumbnails using convert. Output
thumbindex v0.9 Creates an index of thumbnails, in table format, which link to their full size versions. Output
These are scripts I have done on the job which may contain some hard coding that will make them difficult to use. Your mileage may vary. More obsolete stuff.
hform v1.0 CGI Simple script to create a homepage. Nothing fancy. Neatest thing is the form that it started from. Did all the work in JavaScript, but since it was WAY slow on certain Macs the production version relies on this perl only. OutputJS
survey v1.1 CGI Users click a link to this CGI, which will administer a unique survey dependant on HTTP_REFERER, answer a couple of questions, and are taken directly back to the page they started on. I'll eventually get back to finishing this up. v1.1 Library to make it easier to handle forms which make incidents in Apriori via the web. See wapriori-lib and Apriori related scripts.  
walkin v1.03 Used with Apriori Trouble Ticket System at the IUPUI Help Desk. Enables you to quickly create incidents via an interactive menu, bypassing the Apriori interface. v1.0 CGI Create an incident in Apriori via a web form. See  
wwwalkin v0.7 CGI version of  


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