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General Notes

IntServ follows the signaled-QoS model, where the end-hosts signal their QoS need to the network (RFC1349)
Requires RSVP on all nodes in the path.

DiffServ works on the provisioned-QoS model where network elements are set up to service multiple classes of traffic, with varying QoS requirements (RFC2474)
the working group has standardized a common layout for a six-bit field of both octets, called the DS field. RFC 2474 and RFC 2475 define the architecture, and the general use of bits within the DS field (superseding the IPv4 ToS octet definitions of RFC 1349)."

Cisco recommends LLQ queueing for VoIP traffic.

class-map VoIP-EF
 -- Match all VoIP packets --

Interface Serial1
 Service-policy output DiffServ-Premium-and-Olympic-Policy

The recommended DSCP value for EF is `101110'(RFC-2474).


Research RFC 2474, 2475, 2598, 2597 support.